Current Projects

I am currently working on several other research projects. 

Smith-Walter, Aaron and Michael D. Jones. “Have Story – Will Travel: The Narrative Policy Framework and the Study of Comparative Public Policy.” Guillaume Fontaine and B. Guy Peters (eds). (under review).
Smith-Walter, Aaron, Emily Fritz and Shannon O’Doherty. “Immigration, Illegality, and Federalism: Dueling Policy Narratives Surrounding Sanctuary Cities.” (under review).
Smith-Walter, Aaron and Ronald Pannell II. “An Administrative Marvel: Bureaucrats as Heroes, Villains, and Victims in the Age of Trump.” Estimated Completion, Fall 2019.
Smith-Walter, Aaron and David Kingsley. "Cultural Theory and Institutional Preferences in a Public Goods Experiment." Estimated Completion, Winter 2019
Smith-Walter, Aaron. “Planning Participation: A Grid-Group Cultural Theory Approach to Public Participation Mechanism Selection in Metropolitan Planning Organizations.” Estimated Completion, Spring 2020.
Smith-Walter, Aaron, Rebecca Stone, and Jason Rydberg. “Perceptions of the Opioid Crisis.” Estimated Completion, Summer 2020.
Giodorno, Leanne, Aaron Smith-Walter, and Michael D. Jones.  "A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Policy Narratives in Disparate Policy Subsystems." Estimated Completion, Fall 2021