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Courses I've Taught.

My approach to teaching is animated by my experiences in higher education as a student. I remember being extremely excited to attend classes where I could discuss new and interesting ideas with other individuals committed to questioning the status quo. To replicate this excitement for others, I attempt to create an environment where students find themselves engaged with each other, the material and the instructor to improve their understanding of issues and concepts presented in the course. Of course, it is sometimes difficult to get students to fully engage in classes. To make certain that class is as exciting as possible, I employ a combination of group work, in-class exercises, simulations, lectures, and the use of popular cinema and documentaries. I also place a great deal of emphasis on having the students engage the material in both written and spoken forms in order to foster skills that will be essential for success in their future academic and occupational aspirations. Below, you can find a brief description of the courses that I've taught.

Politics of Public Budgeting, James Madison University, Fall 2012

Course Description: Public budgeting practices and skills with an emphasis on the federal budget process. Topics include politics of the budget process, budget types and analytic techniques for budgeting.


Policy Analysis, James Madison University, Fall 2013

Course Description: Study of public policy analysis. Delivers to students rational and alternative techniques for analyzing public policy while providing them opportunities to develop analytical skills.


Economics and Public Policy, University of Alaska Southeast, Fall 2015

Course Description: Examines the role of economics as both a determinant of public policy and as a tool of public administration. Topics include: how markets allocate resources, the role of government in a market economy, market failures and responses, problems of efficiency versus equity, and the application of tools of microeconomic analysis to national and state level policy issues.


Introduction to Public Administration: University of Alaska Southeast, Spring 2016  

Course Description: Introduction to the field of public administration, dealing with the scope, nature, history, current context and basic tools in the study of public administration. Topics include: the social, economic, and political environments of public administration, bureaucratic politics, power and authority, law, and ethics. This gateway course for the MPA program provides an introduction to graduate studies, library research skills, and a focus on written and oral communication skills.


Public Financial Management: University of Alaska Southeast, Spring 2016 

Course Description: Provides an introduction to concepts that are key to financial management in government agencies and non-profit (NPOs). The course will survey the essential pieces of financial management and foundations for concepts dealing with public budgeting, accounting, capital planning, financial reporting, internal controls, auditing, and accountibility. Through an understanding of budgeting practices, financial policies, and financial statements, a working knowledge for policy analysis, management decision-making and assessing an organization's financial condition. 

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